POW (Pride of Wrestling) put on a show called “Prideaversary” at the Seminole Recreation Center in Seminole, FL, on 6/3/23. Here are the results and photos:

  • The Rewind Society (Samuel Conyers & Vic Hops Shaquille) became the first-ever POW Tag Team champions. They defeated the Sexy Angels and Madmen at Work. 
  • Jennacide defeated Labrava Escobar to retain her Mission Pro Wrestling Championship.
  • Carlos Controversia defeated Kekoa
  • The team of  Cheese, Jay Lethal & Danield Starling defeated The Gifted.
  • Allie Recks and Mercedes Martinez wrestled to a double count out.
  • Jacey Love defeated Nicky Jade
  • The Green Machine (Mike Orlando) won the POW Championship by defeating Salazar De La Muerte in a Ladder Match.

Promoters and Talent

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